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Smashing the #Pumpkins and make a soup

If you want to try a pumpking's soup, you need 30 min and some space.
A candle and a firelighter!
A mixer and 1 onion and 1 ginger piece.

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Swiss chard and herb tart with young cheese

Cooking on location is a very lengthy process. It often takes an hour or two, sometimes much more, to get the cooking station ready, the lighting right, the camera angles and the sound. By the time we’re ready to shoot everybody is hungry and tired, so our generous hosts often spoil us with snacks and drinks. Setting up for the Swiss chard scene took even longer than usual because we had to wait for the restaurant’s guests to finish their lunch and leave before we could even start getting ready. In the meantime, Monique buttered us with tremendous local charcuterie and lots and lots of red wine. By the time we were ready to start everybody was pretty beat and completely unfocused. The result was utter lethargy and dragging the shoot almost until sunset, when, of course, it was time…. to eat again.

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