Trusted hearing aid repair service near me

Find the trusted hearing aid repair service near me at Active Hearing Health. If you've recently had a visit with an audiologist and have been given hearing aids to correct your hearing loss, it's critical to consider your alternatives. Our audiologist determined our capacity to hear in specific frequency bands during a hearing test. With the aid of the test, the variety of hearing aid alternatives can be overwhelming. Hearing aids are amazing technologies that have gone a long way in recent decades, but they, like other high-performance electronics, require regular maintenance and care. We provide high standards services for various categories, including hearing aid cleaning, maintenance, and repairs, for all brands and models of hearing aids, regardless of where they were purchased. We normally have loaner hearing aids available at no charge while you wait for your instruments to arrive when a repair involves sending the hearing aids back to the manufacturer for extra treatment. Moisture and earwax buildup in hearing aids are the most prevalent causes of repairs, and the vast majority of these repairs are completely avoidable. As a result, cleaning and brushing the entire hearing aid every time it is taken from your ear is required.

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