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Bags For Courier Delivery | BIKEKIT
Buy business delivery bags for courier delivery from BikeKit. Best material, Lightweight, Durability, Good quality bags made from polyester material, Provision to have a partition shelf, Coke bag, Anti-Bacterial treatment, and Extra padding in shoulder straps. BikeKit brings you the premium high-quality delivery bags for the last mile door-to-door delivery. These delivery boxes can be easily carried on your backs it’s is very much comfortable for the riders to carry on their shoulders. These bags are a must-buy! It comes in two variants LED and Plain Delivery Box. The features of these delivery bags include an LED backlight having unmatched 12 W uniform lighting. LED panel lights to ensure proper heightened illumination and visibility of the brand on the panel. They customized the size, color, and specification. Get a quote today: www.bikekit.co