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The solution for windows firewall is blocking QuickBooks database server manager- Firstly configuring firewall ports- to do so firstly open the Quickbooks database server manager then click on the monitor tab then note the port number listed on your application, to open settings- click Windows+I keys together then click on update and Security option then select the Windows security option from the left side and then click on firewall and network security option after that select the advanced settings option from the list then a new window will open then click on the inbound rules option and select the new rule option then select the post and click on next then click the TCP and select specified local ports option. Different Port Numbers are depending upon the version that you are using then click on Next and select Allow the Connection then select next and make sure that all three options are selected again click on next and give a name to the new rule then after writing a name select next then select finish. Repeat the above process for “Outbound Rule” and check that the error still exists.