GoBrewIt offers all-in-one Robobrew brewing systems with recirculating pumps. It's where the action is. They make brewing simple and straightforward, encouraging homebrewers to try all-grain brewing sooner rather than later, with many starters in their first batch. With its incredible price point, it will take the lead. It's an all-in-one electric brewing system with built-in heating and boiling components, a built-in pump for recirculation, an onboard water-resistant control panel for temperature setting and monitoring, a removable grain basket, and a built-in spigot for transferring. It has a built-in magnetic drive pump to quickly recycle the wort during the mash and runs on 110v power, so it can be used almost everywhere. #Robobrew

For more info - https://gobrewit.com/products/....robobrew-v3-all-grai