What Muscles Does Dumbbell Workouts Really Working?

What Muscles Does Dumbbell Workouts Really Working?

I'm often asked what muscles do dumbbell workouts really build. My answer is simple: weight lifting. When I lift weights I'm determining the efficiency of the exercise to achieve my goal. I don't want to get big muscles, I want to get strong and I want to keep the fat off. To do that, I have to follow a strict diet and I must do proper strength training.


When I lift weights I'm working each muscle group separately. For example, when I bench press I'm using my shoulders, triceps, chest, and forearms to lift the weight. Each of these muscle groups performs a different function so by isolating them, I'm increasing efficiency. If I were to perform arm curls, chest, and shoulders all at once I'd be causing damage to all of my muscles. By performing exercises like dumbbells for each muscle group, each group benefits individually.


Another question I get asked often is what about dumbbells for triceps? A lot of guys seem to think that using dumbbells build bigger triceps than doing squats or bench presses. Although dumbbells do help build bigger triceps, they don't help you squat more or bench press more. Although it is possible to gain a bit more size through squats and bench presses, your triceps will most likely not grow as fast from using dumbbells.


Dumbbell curls and other common dumbbell workouts are effective because they isolate specific muscles. What this means is that when you perform a dumbbell workout, you're actually performing the exercise differently than you would if you were performing it with a barbell. Dumbbells allow you to target each muscle separately. This results in each muscle working out at its optimum intensity. As an added benefit, each muscle gets its own full range of motion during each repetition which leads to maximum muscle growth.


The last question I'm going to address in this article is what about dumbbell workouts using weighted plates? While using weighted plates can help you to obtain a much more intensive workout, it's best used in short-term, high-rep workouts. Weighted plates can put a great deal of stress on your joints and your back. If you want to avoid injury and create maximum strength gains, stick to dumbbell workouts only. If you do get injured while lifting with weighted plates, it's very difficult to do any form of resistance training without taking a few days off of work.


For me, the bottom line is that there's no one right answer. Each person must determine their personal goals for what muscles do dumbbell workouts best. The one thing you should always avoid is doing exercises with dumbbells that don't fit your goals. Also, make sure that you use dumbbells for the proper amount of reps and sets that are appropriate for your fitness level. By following these simple guidelines, you will find that you are able to build more muscle than ever!