The Fastest Players In Madden NFL 22

In football, especially in the National Football League, speed kills.

Attributes are the arbitrary statistics that measure the skills of a player in the Madden NFL series. Attributes are usually measured on a scale from 0 to 100. The higher the stat, the better the specific player is at the activity the attribute measures. For example, a higher speed stat results in a player that has a better maximum running speed.

This is why the fastest players are popular every year because they can give you an advantage over the competition, leading to more wins. Who are the fastest players in Madden NFL 22? Let's take a look!

Tyreek Hill – Speed 99

Tyreek Hill leads the way with the only 99-speed rating in the game. Apart from his incredible speed and acceleration are tuned to the max, he also is one of the best players with 98 overall. On top of that, with the latest Madden NFL game, they added a new stat called "Change of Direction," where he also gets a 99. This makes him one of the most explosive weapons. If you want to use him in Mut 22, that can be very expensive. Don't worry. Through to get the cheapest mut 22 coins to obtain him.

Henry Ruggs III – Speed 98

Raiders receiver Henry Ruggs III showed off his speed last year to earn a 98 rating this year. Developers were not wrong putting him with high-speed attributes since he is a true speed monster clocking 3.21 on a 40-yard dash. He is the fastest and most useful player in the Las Vegas Raiders lineup.

Jaylen Waddle – Speed 97

Jaylen Waddle, already one of the fastest players in Madden NFL 22. He is a new name in Madden NFL, and he quickly became one of the most wanted players due to its insane speed ratings. Playing for the Miami Dolphins with a speed stat of 97 and an overall of 76 at just 22 years of age is truly impressive. The developers saw his potential and made him a daredevil on the court.

Mecole Hardman – Speed 97
Mecole Hardman is another notable speedster on the list. Paired up with Hill in Kansas City, Hardman presents a deep catch danger on every play. He gets a speed rating of 97 which is just on point. And his acceleration is tuned down to 95, which most people think is accurate. He is definitely the biggest concern for the defense of every team that plays against Kansas City.

Anthony Schwartz – Speed 97

One of the most interesting 97-speed ratings is held by 20-year old rookie Anthony Schwartz. Not only did Schwartz run an insane 4.25 40-yard dash at this year's combine, but he also is the current world record holder for fastest 100-meter dash time under 18 years old. Considering his lack of experience, the developers decided to give him a low overall rating of 68, but he has true potential, and you should consider him in your team.

These are all the fastest players in Madden 22. Speed separates them from the great. For more Madden 22 players ratings, please browse here!