Moncler Jacket Mens all

Moncler Jacket Mens all


The Moncler Genius project is an initiative in which multiple designers create collections in collaboration with the brand, rather than the brand having one creative director working on Moncler Jacket Mens all collections. Mandrino chose to use Dyneema composite fabrics to create his interpretation of the future of fashion, adopting variations of the fabric in black and white to blend skiwear, space suits and technology into one piece.

Zambon expanded on the origins of this collection to say it was designed in the first weeks of last spring's Italian lockdown, a context that had informed both the majority sustainable fabrication of its material substance and its counter - cultural inspiration.

And what of the 'spaceship' that Owens and Lamy used to traverse America's rugged desert landscapes In a prescient move, Rick Owens chose to create a mode of travel in which he and his creative partner and wife, Michele Lamy, could cocoon in. He customized an ordinary tour bus by insulating it with silver Moncler down filled nylon, and filling it with duvets, creating a soft and cozy retreat.

he collection doesn't stray far from a muted color palette of black and gray, shades that reflect the range's '90s grunge influence. Pops of white and navy blue appear on checked shirts and jackets, pieces that harken to the decade's penchant for flannel.

If his first season of puffy spike jackets for Moncler edged into the performative, this one is purely practical. "Garment - dyed" is one of those fashion terms that isn't widely understood.