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nails. This need to be done regularly, at the least as soon as a month, for the reason that nails grow and

get within the way of the guinea pig. If an extended nail breaks, it can result in infections and abscesses. 7) using a wire Erexcin  mesh bottom cage. This isn't a very good concept with guinea pigs, on the grounds that their small feet slip thru the mesh and get angry through the metal, inflicting foot sores and an illness one is cables - guinea pigs chew the whole lot in sight, and electric cables are not superb meals! enough space and workout. A sight seen very often is a guinea pig hunched inside the nook of a small cage, slightly moving from that spot all day. Combined with unrestricted dry meals access, that is a certain way to make a guinea pig overweight and therefore considerably lessen its lifespan. For guinea pigs, the