Rekeying vs Replacing Your Locks: What Is The Best Choice For Your Home?

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Rekeying Vs. Changing

If you've ever before been frustrated by shedding your house tricks or fretted about relocating right into a brand-new home, changing your old lock with a new one is a common remedy. Many property owners believe that replacing their locks is their only option, which is a regular fallacy. Nonetheless, the trouble necessitates a much better and also more economical option: re-keying your lock. So, what's the difference in between both, and also when need to you rekey your lock rather than changing it. Avail of residential locksmith services to rekey your locks.

Rekeying your door locks is an option for home owners, as well as in particular circumstances, it may be a far better alternative than changing your complete door lock. There's no demand to be worried if you're uncertain exactly how to identify which alternative is perfect for your residential or commercial property. Today, we'll try to assist you via this concern as well as help you discover the correct response. To do so, we'll examine what rekeying and changing a lock entail, in addition to how they affect your doors and residence, in addition to other factors to consider that might influence your selection.


The term rekey might give some understanding right into the procedure and how it operates. Basically, you're trying to re-program the lock's interior systems to make sure that it will collaborate with a different trick without jeopardizing your residence's safety and security. This may appear to be a simple job, yet if you are not calling expert locksmith professional services with considerable training, it can be rather challenging. Basically, you will keep your old lock, but the vital you previously had will certainly no longer run with it. Prior to you dive down the rabbit hole of lock rekeying, you must understand this basic principle.

Advantages Of Rekeying

  • Due to the fact that the existing lock body is utilized, the procedure of rekeying the lock is economical, but a few elements are altered to make the lock collaborate with a various trick than previously.
  • A locksmith must obtain accessibility to the lock cyndrical tube to rekey a lock, as well as to do so, the lock should be gotten rid of from the door it is on. You might be able to do this yourself if you understand your means around locks, yet any one of the two, it can be tricky. When it pertains to your locks, you don't want to risk your safety and security just because you do not wish to call a locksmith company.
  • If you execute this rekeying procedure by yourself and also slip up, you run the risk of endangering your house security. You can attempt to do this on your own, yet we would certainly not advise it unless you are familiar with locks as well as their inner workings.
  • To rekey a lock, you must focus your efforts on the lock cylinder and also the crucial pins contained within it. These are the main elements that have to be modified and also restructured. You'll need the matching type in enhancement to intending the lock's cylinder.
  • Without a depth chart, pinning size graph, and vital decoder, decoding the lock is challenging. An essential decoder lowers the quantity of uncertainty a locksmith professional should do when choosing which crucial pins to utilize.


Rekeying your locks can help you feel much more secure in your home. This is because of the truth that it is a simple means of resetting your essential control and nullifying any other tricks that might have previously operated your lock. As quickly as new property owners been available in, this is a regular technique. Individuals do this to prevent previous owners, or anyone with a duplicate of the key, from entering into a house they no longer own. It effectively locks up any kind of loose ends in their security and also gives them with a clean slate.


When it comes to rekeying the lock, the crucial pins that are housed within the lock cyndrical tube are the significant elements that are changed. These key pins are unbelievably economical, especially when contrasted to the expense of a new lockset. This makes rekeying a really economical selection for house owners that want to improve their safety but don't want to spend a lot of cash. When you call a locksmith, the most you'll have to pay is the labor expense or the quantity of time you'll invest attempting to put it together yourself.

Rekeying (when done by a specialist locksmith company) is a fast and also painless process that does not require a great deal of labor or making use of a great deal of equipment. You merely need a key decoder, a catch tool, a spanner, and also the present key for the lock you're rekeying to do it. If you have actually never ever done it previously, it will certainly take significantly much longer, but the same can be stated for everyone that replaces their locks without the aid of a locksmith.

The main distinction in between changing and also rekeying a lock is that you'll be using a various lock this time around. When a lock is changed, the total lock body is normally replaced. It's a lot extra costly than rekeying the lock, but it has its benefits. The major reason for the higher price is that you will certainly require to purchase a brand-new lockset for the door when you change it. You do not need to execute this while rekeying the lock, as formerly stated. Prior to you can transform a lock, you need to initially determine which lock you intend to replace it with.


When it involves determining which lock to replace your old one with, there are different variables to consider. The budget plan you're dealing with, in addition to the kinds of choices as well as features you want in your lock, are simply a few of these considerations. For example, if you want to convert your lock from a Euro Cyndrical tube lock to a mortise lockset, you will not be able to do so with rekeying. Once you've picked a lock, you can either purchase it from your locksmith professional or choose it up from your neighborhood hardware shop. Some apparent positives and also disadvantages are expected to use a form of balance, just like anything else.

Installing brand-new locks gives you the opportunity to truly tailor your protection, which is something that many house owners neglect. When I claim customize in this part, I'm speaking about the fact that you have control over just how your locks appear and also feel, along with exactly how they communicate with the remainder of your home safety and security system. You can utilize longer screws in your lock if you want to. You can even mount even more safety and security pins if you desire to. Replacing your lock gives you a new beginning in terms of safety.


If you replace your locks instead of rekeying them, you currently have the choice of updating your locks and also, as a result, your residence safety and security. This implies that you can enhance the protection measures you currently have in place. As an example, if you had a Quality 2 deadbolt placed on your door, rekeying would certainly not enable you to update to a Grade 1 deadbolt. On the other hand, you could pick to update to wise locks instead of regular locks. Whatever the situation may be, you now have the alternative as well as capability of upgrading your locks when they need to be replaced.

Finishing up

Changing or rekeying depends upon your demand. Get for professional locksmith services for both rekeying or replacing.