Are done by pressing shift OSRS gold/Right Stick

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It is possible to place rooms in which the OSRS gold gramaphone will work for. If one walks into the area a gramaphone is behaving on, he/she will listen to the makeup on the gramaphone. Records set on a house-gramaphone cannot be changed. The gramaphone is going to need to be ruined, and a new one set. A max of two gramaphones each 30 rooms (you want at least 15 rooms to possess one). This is intended mostly as a money-eater, incidentally.

Runescape has lots of boss battles out there, but they are rather disappointing. They're generic, hack and slash bosses that constantly hit you hard. Bosses such as this get quite annoying after while.

I had a notion. How about new supervisors that need strategy, and tactics? Because these bosses need more than just slash and cure, a couple changes would need to be made. Current supervisors can hit pretty hard, and some can strike multiple individuals with very hard hits. Of course with supervisors I have in mind, that can't be an option. For the sake of the example, this boss won't have a name...

This boss begins off attacking the celebration, but when it hits 300 hp 4 bewitching generators in the room create a barrier around the creature. The monster cannot attack in this phase, but it has spawns that come out and attack. In order to attack, you gotta ruin the 4 generators. Throughout the conflict, the Runescape 2107 gold generators can respawn. After your party destroys the generators, then you can resume attacking the boss. The boss can simply hit up to state 25, or utilize an attack that strikes everyone that may go around 20.