You'll need lots in buckets Ectophial, Ghost Speak amulets, 14 pots bones

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It is extremely cost effective choice if you desire to OSRS gold save as many money as possible while leveling your prayer but is not always the best choice as it's slow-going. It only gives a extra energy as Gilded Altar and takes that much longer to complete and should be done with most expensive bones. Here's the steps you must take to do to honor Ectofuntus.

You'll need lots in buckets Ectophial, Ghost Speak amulets, 14 pots bones. Grab as many buckets from Port Phasmatys Bank as you can. Go to the Ectofuntus at the bottom (you can teleport using Ectophile) via trapdoors and all the way to the slime pools which are at the bottom of the floor.

Fill up your buckets with slime. Return to the bank chest and repeat the process as many times as you need (you need to have one bucket of slime to each bone you'd like to sacrifice). Select 14 bones from your choice and 14 buckets and teleport back Ectofuntus via Ectophile

Go to the 1st level of the tower. There you will find a Bonegrinder. Use your bones on bonegrinder to obtain pots of bonemeal. Grind all of your bones and then return them to the bank. Once you've finished grinding the bones as well as collecting every one of the slime buckets then you can start earning money. Take 14 Buckets of Slime and 14 Bonemeal Pots and then teleport to Ectofuntus. Then, worship Ectofuntus to receive prayer xp. Every time you attend worship you'll receive 5 Ectotokens handed out by the disciples NPC.

To level up in this skill , you'll need to take particular courses that are focused on buy rs3 gold clicking and require the maximum concentration from player to be done effectively. These courses reward experience each the time a participant crosses an obstacle. There is also a small possibility of failing a challenge when trying to get over it which also makes things slower.