About fooos social network
fooos.fun is a social website about healthy food. Share your dishes with all over the world


Please use www.fooos.fun for all the public relations and food exchanges related to food.

It is a social network to make a chance to introduce to the world consumers, mainly good food, to make the future of the world food industry.

Please introduce healthy food, beauty good food, funny menu, good restaurant, good food etc. to the world. Also, you will meet good friends, such as activities to solve food problems together, and the opportunity to make delicious Agriculture products.

Please introduce various events such as introduction of events, introduction of new products, opening of restaurants ,etc.
Please inform us of recommended products to both world food buyers and supermarket buyers.
Please introduce anything related to seeds, organic farming, goods you want to export in your country, cardboard, smart agri system, distribution, food.

First of all, register and create self-introduction profile and start.
www.fooos.fun is supported by EFOOD and iCE working Group's technical offerings.

www.fooos.fun は、食に関することすべての広報と人の交流に活用ください。

また、食の問題を一緒に解決する活動へ、美味しい農作物を作る活動をする機会になるなど、良い仲間と出会うでしょう。 イベントの参加紹介、新商品の紹介、レストランのオープンなど様々な紹介をしてください。


www.fooos.fun は、EFOOD 及びiCE working Groupの技術提供にて支援されております。